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  1. Teresa says:

    Gorgeous items! I just bid on a Remington Rand on my local sale site and I am excited to pick it up tomorrow. I found your site as I was searching on how to replace the ribbon in the anticipation that the one that comes with the unit is drying out. Your site is a perfect find! I searched from amazon for ribbons and I ordered the twin combo, black/red and black/black and I will follow your instructions to a tee to install the new one. As for cleaning, do you have any suggestions as to what cleaning items/supply I should have? I am new at this but I am so thrilled and stoked to reminisce my childhood. The typewriter was a constant companion for me growing, until electric typewriter and computer arrived during my college days. This purchase is actually for my 7-year old son but I am just as excited. Thank you for sharing your love of these romantic features of the past. More power!


    • Congratulations on your Remington Rand! A Remington Rand KMC was my first typewriter, and it’s still one of my very favorites to use. Let me know if you run into problems with the ribbon install.

      I like to use mineral spirits or denatured alcohol to clean sticky typebars in the segment and dirty slugs. You can pick either up at the hardware store. I have a collection of stiff toothbrushes and paint brushes that I use to clean. Be careful and drape your typewriter with thick towels before you start applying degreasers and solvents. Though they are very effective in getting sticky parts moving, I have found that they can be lethal to painted surfaces – especially the denatured alcohol.

      You may want to visit Richard Polt’s Classic Typewriter site:
      There are many tips and tricks and supplies mentioned.

      Richard ‘s book, “The Typewriter Revolution” has a whole section on typewriter care and feeding:


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