Large Marge: 1965 Olympia SG3

I talked the junk shop owner down the street into taking $20 for the Olympia SG3, so I brought Large Marge home.  She immediately started doing laundry and ironing.

Other typospherians have waxed rhapsodic over the qualities of the Olympia SG3:

I feel like a rube in such a heady typing atmosphere. I can’t say anything intelligent about the touch or action or whatever since my experience with typewriters is pretty much limited to the last three months of my life, so I will just say this: the Olympia SG3 types real good. I love her. She stays. She is GINORMOUS.

Despite the Olympia SG3’s matronly appearance, the lady is a tiger.  She slips out of her clothing quite readily.

Olympia (after Manet):


La Maja Vestida y La Maja Desnuda (after Goya):


You’re welcome, Art History majors!

Since the SG3 is so large, I need to find a dedicated space for her. My son generously offered a spot in his room.  He was very enthusiastic about my purchase, especially when he found out that the Olympia SG3 was used by Philip K. Dick and Elmore Leonard.

Here are some envy-inducing characteristics of my Olympia SG3 (which is called a SG 3L or SG 3 de luxe in this brochure because she has such cool features):

  • weighs 38 lbs!
  • made in “Western Germany”!
  • has a PAPER INJECTOR!!
  • has cool special characters!
  • missing her plastic paper support 😦