Cleaning the Type on My Remington Rand Typewriter

I was typing along in nonsense for the pure joy of it when I looked down and thought, “Wow, the type looks very gunked up.”


So I opened the lid and noted that some letters (such as “e”) were filled with gunk.


So I pulled out my trusty denatured alcohol, toothbrush (my husband’s, not mine) and paint brush and got to work scrubbing each type letter.


This is what I started out with:


After a few minutes of gentle scrubbing and wiping:


Much better, but a few of the letters needed a little more attention:



2 thoughts on “Cleaning the Type on My Remington Rand Typewriter

  1. Kudos for picking up the KMC and rescuing it from an uncertain fate. Its predecessor, the Model 17, was the workhorse of American typing pools during WWII and some KMCs also saw war service. They’re both hard to find in decent shape. How is your type alignment – upper case and lower case?


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