A New Baby on the Way

We’re expecting an ancient Oliver No. 9 any day now.

Since we dragged our Remington Rand KMC in from the curb, I’ve developed a taste for typewriters.  My eyes, previously closed, are now open to a world of machines full of mystery and adventure.

I have been lurking around online auctions, ogling typewriters.  And I found a new typewriter: a nonfunctional Oliver No. 9.  It should arrive some time in the next few days.

It fit all my special criteria:

  • Beautiful
  • Weird
  • Old
  • Broken

That last item was most important to me: I wanted something that I could spend happy hours fixing and cleaning – a project I could cut my teeth on. According to the seller’s description, the carriage doesn’t move and some of the keys are stuck, but I am hoping that a drawband replacement and deep cleaning will remedy the situation. And I couldn’t resist that little pot-bellied Printype mascot.

My daughter and I are very excited.  We enjoyed researching and repairing our Remington Rand KMC so much.   Here is another mechanical creature in need of some gentle attention.


This is a picture from the seller – looks pretty good!


4 thoughts on “A New Baby on the Way

  1. Michael Höhne says:

    You have a good potential there. That Printype logo is more than cute—it indicates a beautiful typeface. Have Fun!


    • It is a beautiful typeface – I am looking forward to getting the machine running so I can see it in person.

      I get a chuckle out of old Printype advertisements that declare, “Nine-nine out of every hundred business men, when they see a Printype letter for the first time, exclaim, ‘Why, that’s like print!'” I am glad that there are scientific studies backing up Printype.


    • Obviously, I’ve got the fever – typewriter fever. I can’t tell you how much fun I had nursing that Remington Rand back to health. This Oliver No. 9 seems like a perfect project.


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