A Table for All Seasons: A Thanksgiving Tribute

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I have made good progress on the Voss, but I haven’t had time to finish it up. I am hosting Thanksgiving and have been busy plucking turkeys and polishing silver.  So here is a quick post of gratitude to my dining room table.

My dining room has very good light. It’s no wonder that everyone in the family gravitates to the dining room table when we work on projects.

Whether it’s a little weekend papier-mâché…


…or cleaning a work of art…

Cleaning products

…or painting a horse…


…or repairing a Skyriter and an Axe-FX II…


…or stripping down a Voss…


…or hosting Thanksgiving dinner…


I guess I’ll have to set a place for the Century 10

…you have been there for us, Dining Room Table. Thank you. Here’s a haiku I typed on the Voss De Luxe about you:


Wishing everyone inside and outside the US a peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving. Since we have a lot of photographers in the typospherian community, I will close with this beautiful super-long-exposure photo of trees at night that my son recently took. He’s away at college where he is fooling around with cameras and grappling with the big questions such as – In a fight to the death between every American president, who would win and why?  (my money is on Teddy Roosevelt).



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