Fixed the Bell on My Remington Rand KMC

When we first dragged the typewriter in from the curb, we could hear the bell ring now and then when we played with the typewriter. On our typewriter, there is a soft bell that *dings* when you are about five spaces from the end of the line to alert you that you are about to hit the right margin.

After I blew out the dust and debris and cleaned it up with denatured alcohol, the margin bell stopped ringing all together.  I was worried that I had broken something (spring?) in my cleaning.

I removed the top “hood” that protects the margin area:

It pops right off

It pops right off

I popped off the back and checked the bell:

The bell is on the right of this picture

The bell is on the right of this picture – it has such a soft, pleasant *ding*

I cleaned all the inner workings with denatured alcohol (being careful not to get it on the painted surfaces), paying special attention to a little wiggly pawl that hangs down and trips the bell when the carriage is within five spaces of the right margin.

The pawl was a little stiff with goo, but I got it to wiggle freely by painting it carefully with denatured alcohol. And guess what?  The margin bell began to *ding*.

Once the little pawl was moving freely, the bell began to chime as it should.

Once the little pawl was moving freely, the bell began to *ding* as it should.


3 thoughts on “Fixed the Bell on My Remington Rand KMC

  1. I will need to try fixing the bell on my Remington Rand I acquired a few weeks ago. Only thing so far I see needs fixing. Will try cleaning with denatured alcohol and blowing the dust out also. So excited I found your blog thanks to the internet.


    • The bell on my Remington KMC just needed a little cleaning – it was dirty and gummy and worked great after cleaning with denatured alcohol. You can use mineral spirits for cleaning as well – it’s not as dangerous to use around painted surfaces as denatured alcohol which will eat through paint in seconds (at least the formulation of denatured alcohol that I have which I suspect has acetone in it.)


      • Oh wow thanks. I was looking into the denatured alcohol. Will purchase the mineral spirits instead. And so great the link for the typewriter manuals! I was wondering what a self starter key was and the “touch regulator” so neat.


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