Now We Are Six: Torpedo and Skyriter

On Wednesday I found a couple typewriters – a Torpedo and a Skyriter – at my local junk store that needed a loving home.

These two are really good friends.  They bonded during their captivity in the junk shop and now they are inseparable.


The Skyriter is nuzzling the Torpedo


1957 Torpedo 18a
Serial number: 936000


The Torpedo was pretty dirty with lots of Wite Out splashes and some shellac-like substance dribbled on it.  The Wite Out and shellacky stuff came up beautifully with Goo Gone and the Goo Gone didn’t seem to harm the paint. The Torpedo is a stunner in gorgeous pale blue-green. This Torpedo hasn’t got a TAB key, so she’s an 18a – I think that’s the difference between an 18a and 18b.

The “Made in Western Germany” sold me.



1952 Smith-Corona Skyriter
Serial number: 2Y 146881


This Skyriter is such a delicious little pancake, but it was the Skyriter’s metal cover that tipped me over the edge.  Type the Clouds compared the Skyriter cover to a roasting pan.  I am going to roast up a chicken in it tonight for dinner.


Both these machines are chock full of aesthetic appeal, but what really truly sealed the deal was the way they felt under my fingers.

For such a tiny machine, the Skyriter has a hardy, durable feel. I would happily take her on an airplane or on a cross-country road trip or on a backpacking trip or on safari.

The Torpedo has a different feel – that of a precision instrument – no clatter, just solid, classy efficiency. I feel noticeably classier when I type on it.

So now I am up to six typewriters. I think six is enough for the time being. No more distractions since I still need to finish up the Oliver and tear apart the Corona 4.

13 thoughts on “Now We Are Six: Torpedo and Skyriter

  1. I like the red e key on the Torpedo. A random splash of colour, a kind of badge of its history. Looks a bit like a Lettera tab key.
    That chicken will taste great, I’m sure 🙂


    • Ha! Skyriter Chicken = juicy + delicious.
      I am sort of falling in love with the Torpedo’s red key – I call it the Nuclear Option key – appropriate for my Cold War beauty.


    • I am lucky to live close to a major metropolitan area where cool typewriters arrived in the past and in a suburb that has little current interest in typewriters.


  2. Richard is right! As he also was almost two years ago – when I started my journey into the wonderful world of typewriters – saying “it is a slippery slope” :). Now over 200 machines went through my hands and many of them are still hanging around…


  3. Love, love, love the Torpedo. It’s the top of my search list on most days. What a great find! The Skyriter is super-cute. I must admit to a fondness for SCMs. It’s what I used at home growing up.

    I remember when I had “just six” typewriters (I think)… It *is* a slippery slope! I wish you continued good fortune in your finds. It’s a treat to read you.


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