Typewriters of Maumee, Ohio

We set off yesterday in a rain storm and made our way through the misty mountains of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

It was a beautiful drive and we landed in the lush green farmlands of Ohio.  Ohio’s municipal water tank game cannot be beat.

I selected a hotel for our first night based on its proximity to two antique malls with late hours.   As soon as we checked into the hotel, we crossed the street and went to check out the first antique mall.

Great Finds in Maumee
1414 S Reynolds Rd, Maumee, OH

We found three typewriters there:

S-C Clipper with broken drawstring $65

Remington portable $115

S-C Classic 12 $95

And this gal.  She was hanging out with the typewriters


We then walked down the road to an enormous antique mall:

Maumee Antique Mall
1552 S Reynolds Rd, Maumee, OH

It was as big as a Target – really, a Super Target.  A gal who worked there said that there are over 200 vendors in the mall.

My daughter and I were a bit overwhelmed by all of it at first, but we broke it down scientifically and went through each row looking for typewriters. My daughter has a good eye and can spot a typewriter case a mile away, even when grouped with luggage.

We found these beauties:

Sears “The Communicator” – $8

S-C Sterling – $40

Royal KMM wide carriage – $64

Brother AX-24 – $10

I saw a couple without ribbon covers – it might be a contagious condition:

Adler J4 – $44

S-C Corsair: $19.99

A very dirty but very nice S-C Silent – $20

Remington Ten Forty with immobile keys – $69.50

Remington Noiseless – $50

Sears Celebrity – $49.99

Remington Model 17 –  $133

Towards the end of our hunting, we saw this row of typewriters:

Nice, clean Underwood for $65

Royal FP – $22.50

Remington Quiet-Riter – $22.50

Smith-Corona something – $22.50

The floral patterned case is such a lovely and refined touch. I can imagine typing at this typewriter in a peignoir, hair in hot rollers, smoking a Virginia Slims.

So that’s about it for typewriters.  We saw A LOT of other things at the Maumee Antique Mall.

I have always had a thing for these ginormous fork and spoon wall combos.  Too bad they won’t fit in the car.

So, that was Maumee, OH. I was hoping to find a Dayton typewriter in among the Hummel figurines, but no luck.  We will see what the next stop has to offer.

5 thoughts on “Typewriters of Maumee, Ohio

  1. Maybe the Underwood No. 6 may have followed me home. All the rest seem high priced, especially the Classic-12. Teh unmarked one looks like a Classic 12 too.


  2. Fair to excellent prices at the big mall, I’d say. The FP is probably the best bargain—someone can use that machine happily for a lifetime, and it costs a pittance.


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