Day 2: Typewriters of Indiana and Illinois

We started out yesterday morning in Ohio and made our way into Indiana.  I have never been in this state before, but Indiana is giving Ohio a run for its money in the municipal water storage tank game.

I had a couple antique malls mapped out in Elkhart, IN.

photo: daughter Echevarria

820 Antiques
820 N Ward St, Elkhart, IN 46516

Royal Companion used as a jewelry hanger.

Why not for sale?  Are you fattening it up for…

Oh. OK.

This calls for an Emmett Kelly Sad Clown.

Let’s cleanse our palates with some other typewriters:

A very clean and sweet S-C Sterling – $45

Underwood standard – $40

Here’s the complete package: fun and terrible and somehow impressive in what it can do.

Buddy-L Easy-Writer 220 with original box – $37

Read T. Munk’s funny blog post about an Easy-Writer 300 »

Pretty Smith-Corona Sterling – $45

Around the corner in Elkhart was another antique mall.

Antiques On Beardsley
816 W Beardsley Ave, Elkhart, IN 46514

This unassuming storefront was the face of an enormous 11,000K sq ft antique mall.

Royal KMG – $65

L.C. Smith No. 8 – $60

I loved this Adler Special and the graceful paddle of a carriage return lever, but it was out of my price range:

Adler Special – $250.00

You are special.

We hit the road again and survived the truck-infested waters of I-94 south of Chicago.

Fake you out: the truck in front of us was being towed; photo: daughter Echevarria

I breathed easier once we left the big city freeways behind and again entered the green farmland of Indiana and Illinois.

photo: daughter Echevarria

I had one more antique mall mapped out for the day in Geneseo, IL, a beautiful little town with two enormous windmills.

photo: daughter Echevarria

C & S Antique Mall
705 W Main St, Geneseo, IL 61254

Pretty little Remington portable in working condition – $39

Royal KMG – $38

S-C Super Speed – $59.95

And there were a couple toy typewriters, one with the original box:


$29 with original box

We hopped back in the car, crossed the great Mississippi river and entered beautiful Iowa.

photo: daughter Echevarria

photo: daughter Echevarria

9 thoughts on “Day 2: Typewriters of Indiana and Illinois

  1. OldGreyBeard says:

    Perhaps I’m not looking properly but I don’t remember seeing typewriters in antique shops here in the UK. Most of the ones I see are found at local auctions and are probably from house clearances. They also turn up at car boot sales from time to time.


    • Here in the US there are these enormous spaces called antique malls. A collection of vendors rent booth space by the month. Shop assistants conduct sales for the vendors. It’s like a standing flea market that’s never taken down. The antique malls I have been hitting on our road trip have 50-250 vendors at a single location, and there are generally at least a few typewriters scattered through in each mall.


    • I am sticking with antique malls very close to the interstate. I think that if I ventured further into the hinterland off the main freeways, prices might be even better.


  2. John Cooper says:

    Shame on you, 820 Antiques, for your keychopping! Shame!

    I like the way the Adler is labeled “Made in Western Germany”—not yet acknowledging that there can be more than one Germany, whose western region the factory inhabits, instead of a separate country called “West Germany.”

    I would have bought that Remington Rand for $39 if I had to carry it in my lap for the rest of the trip.


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